Headcollar Eclipse Padded Nylon

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Made in the UK with soft padded nylon, fully adjustable with brass fittings.

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Small Pony Black, Small Pony Brown, Small Pony Royal Blue, Small Pony Navy, Small Pony Green, Small Pony Pink, Small Pony Purple, Small Pony Lilac, Small Pony Burgundy, Small Pony Red, Small Pony Yellow, Pony Black, Pony Brown, Pony Royal Blue, Pony Navy, Pony Green, Pony Pink, Pony Purple, Pony Lilac, Pony Burgundy, Pony Red, Pony Yellow, Cob Black, Cob Brown, Cob Royal Blue, Cob Navy, Cob Green, Cob Pink, Cob Purple, Cob Lilac, Cob Burgundy, Cob Red, Cob Yellow, Full Black, Full Brown, Full Royal Blue, Full Navy, Full Green, Full Pink, Full Purple, Full Lilac, Full Burgundy, Full Red, Full Yellow, Extra Full Black, Extra Full Brown, Extra Full Navy, Extra Full Green

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