Sprenger® ULTRA Fit Spurs

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  • Rounded neck end
  • Unique fit and design, can be adjusted to the foot by bending
  • Intelligent spur strap loop for a perfect fit on the boot
  • Made of break-proof, high-quality stainless steel


Spurs of the ULTRA fit series are made of high- quality stainless steel. The highest level of quality thus achieved is certified by a lifetime breakage guarantee granted on these spurs. Due to the elegant design these spurs look very classy on the boots.

The short, rounded neck end of this model allows for a particularly gentle impact.

Because they are made of break-proof, stainless steel, they can withstand all the challenges of your everyday riding life.

A particularly practical extra: the spurs can be easily and individually adjusted to your foot.

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Childrens (15mm), Ladies (25mm), Mens (35mm)