Bristish Showjumping Horse Boot Rules

British Showjumping Horse Boot/Leg Protection ruling – a recap

Are your customers au fait with the Rule 102 in British Showjumping’s rulebook? It affects Newcomers Second Rounds and Finals, as well as all age classes, for affiliated horses and ponies; and certain performing-enhancing horse boots are set to be banned completely within the next two years.

There has been some confusion recently on social media regarding BSJ classes that follow FEI stipulations, and the latest horse boot rules–so here’s what showjumping enthusiasts needs to know:

‘Boots & Bandages on horses and ponies (including but not limited to Tendon boots, Brushing boots & Fetlock boots) with rigid or semi-rigid plastic or foam inserts, concealed or not concealed underneath the inner lining, and / or boots that apply or have the potential to apply direct pressure to the tendon, are not permitted. Failure to comply will incur disqualification.’

Horse boots that apply direct pressure to the tendon are not allowed

Essentially, to compete in any of the following classes, show jumping competitors may only use back boots with Velcro (or Velcro type fastenings like Easy Tape – not snap/hook closures) that meet BSJ’s size and weight restrictions (see below). Boots that apply direct pressure to the tendon, e.g. that aren’t smooth and have any bumps or raised contours, are not allowed.

Any deviation from a smooth boot could cause discomfort to the horse, and these types of performing-enhancing horse boots, sometimes called Performance, Flick or Pinch boots, are designed to encourage a more careful hind leg action over a show jump. Such boots were originally created with elastic straps, a supposed kinder option, but modern versions tend to have straps with no ‘give’.

The ruling is applicable for the following British Showjumping competitions:

Talent Seeker Qualifiers & Final

Senior Newcomers Second Rounds & Final

Pony Newcomers Second Rounds & Final

Pony Foxhunter Second Rounds & Final

Plus all horse and pony Age Classes

All Pony Competitions

Children on Horses

Senior British Novice Second Rounds & Final

Senior Discovery Second Rounds & Final

So, what is actually allowed in British Showjumping’s Horse Boot/Leg Protection ruling?

The rules state: The total maximum weight of ‘equipment’ on a single leg is 500g. All hind leg protections must have a maximum length of 16cm, and a minimum width of 5cm.

The fixings must be made of non-elastic, Velcro type fasteners, with no hooks or straps permitted.The rounded, rigid part of the protection must be placed around the inside of the fetlock. Fetlock rings may be used in addition for protective purposes, providing the total weight of equipment on the horse’s leg does not exceed 500 grams.


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