Perfect Products for Ponies

Perfect products for ponies


If you have a pony in your life, then you will know that everything concerning them comes in small sizes – except for their personalities! From cheeky Shetlands to canny Connemara crosses, ponies make great companions, and any child lucky enough to grow up with a pony to love is very fortunate indeed.


Here at Hucklesby Associates, we have a wide range of items ideal for ponies, and have chosen some of our favourites here:


Daisy reins and grass reins


Because their riders are often not very strong, many greedy ponies have honed the art of snatching their heads down to eat, and unseating their young rider.


Many of us grew up using bailer twine grass reins to fix the issue, however a long-wearing rein designed for the job, like Cameo’s Daisy Rein, looks much smarter. Daisy reins attach onto the saddle D rings either side of the front of the saddle, and sit on the crest of the neck, buckling onto the headpiece of the bridle. They allow the young rider to work on their riding prowess and position, without constantly getting tugged forward; they can also be useful on a pony that bucks, as the pony isn’t able to get its head down, meaning the child can ride forward.


You could also try set of Grass Reins – they consist of a headpiece that fits under the bridle, with nylon reins that connect from the saddle D rings to the bit. Grass reins also prevent the pony from reaching the grass; Eclipse does a very nice nylon set. They’re very useful for taking to shows, where the temptation for grass is often overwhelming!




A very useful item for a pony whose midriff is somewhat rotund is a crupper – it fits beneath the pony’s tail and attaches to the back of the saddle (or lunge roller). It’s important to remember that they’re there to prevent the saddle slipping forward, so they need to be adjusted to engage and come into play only when the saddle moves forward; pressure is not meant to be constantly applied. We love the Eclipse Crupper, which is fully adjustable. (A version is also available that attaches to the girth, with longer straps.)


Kimblewick Bits


Kimblewicks are actually very underrated bits. They are sometimes used on ponies because they’re very useful bits for strong equines; naturally, it is a good idea to ascertain the age and experience of the child that will be using the bit, to ensure they have kind, elevated hands.


As a Kimblewick is a curb bit, it has a leverage effect; the further the reins slide down the D ring, which happens when the reins are lowered and drawn back, the more leverage at the pony’s poll is applied. (We advocate using the curb chain supplied, to stop the bit rotating too much). There’s also some curb pressure with this bit, and due to the non-jointed mouthpiece, pressure at the bars of the mouth, beneath the tongue. But the port in the Cambridge Kimblewick does allow for some tongue relief, and of course, there’s no pinching action on the tongue – so with a quiet rider, the Kimblewick can actually be a good, all-round bit for a pony that can be strong in the hand.


Girth Sleeves


Some ponies due to their propensity to gain weight may be prone to girth rubs at the elbows, and a girth sleeve may help protect their skin from chaffing. Cameo’s Girth Sleeve is made from fleece, so can be trimmed down to size, if required.


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