Borstiq Banana Brush (Dandy, Medium, Finishing)

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This brush fits perfectly in your hand and combines ergonomic design with natural materials. A fabulously shaped and light to hold brush.
Dandy Brush – Bassine natural bristles are used to make this the perfect dandy brush
Medium – polypropylene bristles for a medium finish
Finishing –  a fantastically soft natural brush which is ideal for clipped or summer coats or on soft and sensitive areas. The bristles are made from soft horse hair and are densely packed. It has a hard wood top finished with a leather logo/motif.
Borstiq brushes are made and hand finished in Sweden and are made using the most natural products as possible.  This brush features in the Borstiq Banana Brush Kit.

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Dandy (Bassine), Medium (Polyproplene), Finishing (Soft horse hair)