Champion REVOLVE Junior X-Air MIPS Riding Hat

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The Champion REVOLVE Junior X-Air MIPS® Peaked Helmet has everything a junior rider needs, from safety and comfort to sleek suede and a contrasting air vent for style. Crafted from tough yet lightweight ABS and with Champion’s X-Air ventilation system, this helmet also has a removable crown liner made from breathable material with extra mesh panels.

Most importantly, it also meets three of the highest international safety standards and boasts the MIPS® technology system for an extra layer of protection.

Perfect for: show jumping, endurance, lessons, hacking, schooling.

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Wondering what MIPS® stands for? It means Multi-directional Impact Protection System, and it’s a revolutionary technology designed to reduce the amount of rotational force upon impact to the head, providing greater protection in the event of an accident.

MIPS® helmets include a low friction layer that is designed to rotate inside the helmet upon impact, absorbing and redirecting energy away from the brain.



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6.1/4" (51cm), 6.3/8" (52cm), 6.1/2" (53cm), 6.5/8" (54cm), 6.3/4" (55cm), 6.7/8" (56cm), 7" (57cm), 7.1/8" (58cm), 7.1/4" (59cm), 7.3/8" (60cm), 7.1/2" (61cm), 7.5/8" (62cm), 7.3/4" (63cm)


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