H2Pro Focus Equine Hydration

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H2PRO Equine is a game changing complementary hydration drink created to prevent your horse from ever having to perform or travel dehydrated again. Using unique natural cherry flavours and aromas we’ve developed a water bucket additive most horses find irresistible, making refusing water at shows/ during the cold winter months a thing of the past.

How to use?

Simply shake the can, open and empty the contents into a full bucket of water for your horse to enjoy at leisure. Feeding instructions on the back of the can!





Water, Natural Unrefined Cane Sugar, Natural Flavouring, Citric Acid, Thiamine, Pure Plant Stevia-Rebaudiana.

Supplying 700mg of B1 Per 500ml Serving

  • Total Oil – <0.1%
  • Crude Protein – 0.9%
  • Crude Fibre – 0.5%
  • Crude Ash – 0.45%
  • Sodium – 0.1%
  • Moisture-82.02%
  • Energy KJ – 70%

NO added colours, GMO or FEI prohibited ingredients.

Addition Information

H2PRO has been developed alongside highly qualified independent equine nutritionists and overseen by vets. FOCUS, nor any H2PRO products have been made with FEI categorised prohibited substances. All our products come with an approved additive promise.

​Can be used in combination with electrolytes.

Made with 100% Human food grade raw materials.

Low sugar and Naturally flavoured.