Keratex Cleansing Hoof & Leg Scrub 300ml

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A gentle but powerful long lasting antibacterial and anti-fungal foaming scrub.


Keratex Hoof & Leg Scrub is formulated especially to wash horses’ wet and muddy hooves and legs.
Keratex Hoof & Leg Scrub was developed in consultation with our own horse-owning staff, specifically for ease of use in wet and wintery conditions on the yard or in the field. The simple to use spray on and leave on trigger spray really takes the hassle out of your routine in muddy conditions. The spray foams on contact and can be scrubbed or sponged onto hooves, frogs, soles, heels and pasterns, or then left on overnight to dry. It does not need to be rinsed off. The bottle has a special silent spray action for spooky horses.
Keratex Hoof and Leg Scrub is allowed by the Jockey Club and the FEI