Kieffer Girth “Equiconnect®” – FORWARD ORDER


  • Horse-friendly non-elastic saddle girth with generous belly pad
  • Anatomically shaped and softly padded for optimum pressure distribution, unhindered breathing and full freedom of elbow
  • Material mix of breathable mixed fabric and leather ensures moisture absorption and thus good skin and coat compatibility
  • Belly pad with D-ring for attachment of auxiliary reins
  • Large roller buckles with elastomer band for easy girthing and secure re-girthing from the seat
  • Particularly comfortable and stable at the same time


  • Underside made of breathable mixed fabric filled with spacer fabric
  • Top side with nylon strap and leather trim
  • Buckles made of stainless steel


With the Kieffer EquiConnect® saddle girths, discomfort and unpleasant pressure peaks in the girthing area are a thing of the past. The anatomically designed short and long girths with generous belly pad are softly padded and ensure optimum pressure distribution with targeted relief of the sternum, unhindered breathing and full freedom of the elbow. Thanks to the elasticity of the material, the horse-friendly Kieffer EquiConnect® girth does not require any additional elastic inserts.

With the help of a clever combination of different material layers, a girth has been created which offers the highest wearing comfort – even for particularly sensitive horses: The area that comes into direct contact with the horse is made of breathable mixed fabric with a filling of spacer fabric for an evenly soft contact surface. The belly pad has an additional padding made of synthetic rubber, which relieves the region around the sternum of pressure and holds the girth securely in position.

On the top, the girth has a sturdy strap that provides stability and keeps it in shape. Leather applications on the sides and in the area of the belly pad further stabilise the girth and ensure that the buckles as well as the central D-ring are not even remotely noticeable to the horse.

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