Mikki Bamboo Grooming Anti-Tangle Rake

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Suitable for thick coats.

Our planet friendly, handmade bamboo rotating tooth rake will lift dead hair as you brush through your pet’s coat.

  • Rotating, rounded tip teeth reach skin deep to tease through knots without scratching
  • Removes loose hair and dirt from the coat


Ideal for long or thick double coated breeds such as Border Collies, German Shepherds, Huskies, Retrievers.

The rotating teeth tease through knots and tangles to give a smooth and comfortable groom for your dog. Use to rake down to the lower layers of the coat to displace dead hair and undercoat, leaving the top coat undisturbed. Groom in sections, through all areas of your pet’s body including their chest, legs, belly and tail.

While you are doing this, take time to look and feel over each part of your pet. Knowing your pet’s contours and form helps you to know what is normal, so you can quickly identify and seek advice for anything that is new or unusual.