Moorland Rider Cotton Gift Bag

The bag is made using natural cotton, so it’s reusable many times over, and features a bold, eye-catching equestrian print in purple and pink. The Cotton Gift Bag is available in two sizes and comes with a flower gift tag too.

Small: 24 x 25 cm

Large: 38 x 40 cm

Colour: Natural with Purple and Pink Print


“The idea for the Cotton Gift Bag came to me when I was buying a gift for a horsey friend,” says Caroline Graham from Moorland Rider. “I had to buy a paper gift bag to put her present in, and it was then I thought that I could improve on this. By giving the gift in a bag that was reusable and could be used as a bag itself and not designed for the dustbin as the paper bags out there, I could give a gift within a gift! The main factor with the Cotton Gift Bag has been the price as we wanted it to be competitive with smart paper gift bags while being environmentally friendly and truly special. We hope people love the bags as much as we do.”

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