Snooze Fleece Dog Bed

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Nest Discount Available – 1 Medium, 1 Large, 1 Extra Large, 1 Extra Extra Large

Does your dog ever get frustrated with being unable to stretch out in their bed? With the snooze dog bed, your dog can enjoy a mattress style ultra-soft fleece pad. Made in the UK, this bed gives your furry friend the space to stretch, snuggle and curl up without having to wake up – and with a rubber non-slip insulated base, you can be sure that even on cold floors, your dog will be snug and cosy.




Medium = 74cm x 51cm (height 10cm) – Westie, Jack Russell

• Large = 89cm x 59cm (height 10cm) – Border Collie

• X-large = 105cm x 69cm (height 10cm) – Labrador, German Shepherd

• XX-large = 120cm x 77cm (height 10cm) – Leonberger, Rottweiler

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Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra Extra Large, Nest