Sprenger AERO Safety Stirrups


All advantages at a glance:

  • Durable thanks to the highest material quality
  • Extra wide, inclined tread surface
  • Shock-absorbing & joint-friendly properties
  • 180° movable element releases the foot in all directions
  • Grip system in the tread can be extended with spikes
  • Optimally balanced
  • Special stirrup leathers eyelet for optimized leg position

For increased grip, the AERO stirrup spikes can be easily inserted with the handy wrench tool


Innovative flexibility

The AERO combines modern design and top quality. With a high breaking load and made of high-quality UV-resistant material, which is also used in the aerospace industry, it offers excellent quality that is made for the stresses and strains of equestrian sports.

Trust in your equipment

The AERO gives you more flexibility and safety in the event of a fall:
The movable lateral element allows your foot to move freely in all directions, setting new standards.

Extra grip and flexibility

The extended tread of the AERO offers your foot ideal grip thanks to its soft and firm grip elements. With its shock-absorbing properties, the replaceable stirrup insert is also easy on the joints.

Need more grip?

For even more grip, stainless steel spikes can be added optionally. To do this, remove the blanking plugs and screw in the spikes using the wrench provided.

Additional information


Aluminium – Anodised (Black), Aluminium (Black/Silver), Aero Spikes