Sprenger® KK ULTRA Loose Ring Snaffle

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  • KK-ULTRA Bits take advantage of the exceptional sensitivity of the tongue.
  • Adapted to the anatomy of the horse’s mouth.
  • No pressure put on the palate.
  • Clear instructions given as the tongue’s sense of touch is utilised.
  • Made from SENSOGEN the approved metal for horses


The Sprenger KK Ultra Loose Ring Snaffle is a double jointed snaffle bit with a Sensogan, anatomically adapted mouthpiece. The middle link is shortened and angled forward by 45° which provides a noticeable improved effect in comparison to common double jointed bits, as it enables the rider to give fine and more sensitive aids and improves the contact. Designed from scientific research, the lozenge gently rolls over the central part of the horse’s tongue, stimulating its sense of touch, the connecting rings to the middle piece roll softly over the tongue without exerting pressure. This can help provide a more consistent contact and when used correctly the horse’s confidence in the rider’s hand is enhanced.

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115mm (4.1/2") 14mm Thick, 125mm (5") 16mm Thick, 135mm (5.1/4") 16mm Thick