Sprenger® MAX-Control with Locking Mechanism – 14mm

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  • Double jointed MAX-Control bit
  • Suitable for training and correcting the horse
  • The locking mechanism takes effect when the horse gets strong or opposes the rider’s hand
  • Made of stainless steel


The MAX-Control bits are visually hardly distinguishable from conventional double-jointed bits. Their special feature: From a certain angle – i.e. only when the rider applies a stronger rein or the horse pulls strongly – the mouthpiece blocks and briefly forms a mullen mouth. This effect only sets in gently, but enables precise communication. If the horse gives way again, this effect subsides immediately.

The double-jointed MAX-Control bit is made of stainless steel. It is suitable as a training and corrective bit, which can also be used for mouth sensitive horses with sensitive hand action.

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115mm (4.1/2"), 125mm (5"), 135mm (5.1/4"), 145mm (5.3/4"), 155mm (6.1/8")