Sprenger® Nathe Bradoon Single Joint – 15mm

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  • Made from high-quality thermoplastic
  • Smooth surface, no rubbing
  • Mouth and tongue friendly
  • Joints made of stainless steel and angled forward by 45°
  • Increased pressure on the edges of the tongue and the lower jaw
  • Direct and precise impact


The NATHE loose ring bradoon is back with an upgrade! Nathe have replaced the plastic joints with stainless steel and tilted them forward by 45° to prevent pressure on the palate. With single jointed bits, there is increased pressure on the edges of the tongue when the reins are taken up and the middle of the tongue is relieved.

The high-quality thermoplastic has a smooth surface, is food-safe and free from plasticizers and solvents.

Thermoplastic is also temperature-neutral, which makes the bit comfortable for the horse even in cold temperatures.

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