Sprenger® Nathe Flexi Full Cheek Gag – 20mm

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  • Impact on tongue, poll, and corners of the mouth
  • With gag effect, puts pressure on the corners of the mouth
  • Can be used with one or two pairs of reins
  • Direct impact on tongue and lower jaw due to fixed cheeks
  • Cheeks provide lateral contact for horses that tend to fall out whilst turning
  • Suitable for technically demanding passages in the parcours, especially for horses that pull or lean on the bit
  • For the sensitive rider’s hand
  • Bit guards protect the lips
  • With steel core


This full cheek gag bit with flexible bar is ideal for sensitive communication with top heavy horses. The reining aid acts directly on the tongue and the lower jaw. In addition, the full cheek pieces prevent the horse from breaking out over the shoulder and have a framing effect.

The concise effect of this bit makes it particularly suitable for riders with sensitive hands. The rider can choose to ride with one or two pairs of reins.

Nathe bits are suitable for sensitive and mouth sensitive horses. Made from high quality thermoplastic, they are anti-allergic, temperature resistant and dimensionally stable. The bit guards also help to protect the corners of the mouth.

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