StripHair 6-in-1 Gentle Groomer

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StripHair The Gentle Groomer is the ORIGINAL 6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage tool intended for daily grooming… all year long! The unique all-in-one design offers unlimited convenience to groom, curry, shine, shed, shampoo, slick, and massage.

A truly innovative design made of natural rubber for animal comfort, flexibility and grip.

You may think that this tool is only a Spring-Time shedding product, but you would be wrong – the versatile StripHair can be used for shedding, everyday grooming, shampooing and shining the coat, massaging muscles and more!


Initially designed as an equine massage tool for the big muscles of working horses and elite equine athletes, The StripHair Gentle Groomer has fast become the favoured tool by equestrians professionals the world over.

Crafted for a variety of functions, the StripHair does the job of a brush, a curry comb, a shedding blade, a shampoo mitt, a sweat scraped and much more!

Therapeutic Benefits of increased blood circulation, as well as muscle and tissue warming, for better health, movement and body comfort.

Made in the USA |  Length: 22cm

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Equine, Canine