Mikki Bamboo Grooming Flea Comb

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Eeeek! Fleas!

A planet friendly, handmade bamboo flea comb which has extra fine teeth to trap fleas, eggs and dirt as you comb through your pet’s coat, ears, tail and paws.

  • Rotating teeth help to glide through the coat
  • Tapered handle can be used to help section the coat
  • Sustainable bamboo


Suitable for all dogs and cats.

The extra fine rotating teeth reach through the coat layers to skin level, trapping fleas, eggs and dirt.

During the flea season, comb your pet daily to ensure your pet is flea free. Have a large sheet of paper underneath your pet so that the fleas & eggs can be easy seen and destroyed. Comb gently and systematically remembering that fleas tend to favour areas where the fur is thicker. When you spot fleas trapped in the teeth immediately drown them in soapy water or insecticide. While you are doing this, take time to look and feel over each part of your pet.

Knowing your pet’s contours and form helps you to know what is normal, so you can quickly identify and seek advice for anything that is new or unusual.